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Ailish Sinclair tastes sweet primroses and bitter daisies…

Ailish Sinclair, author of The Mermaid and The Bear, due out on October 18th, has just published an article on the Books by Women website, in which she describes the meticulous research she carried out during the year before she even put pen to paper in the writing of her novel.

Image of Author Ailish Sinclair, writer of The Mermaid and the Bear

She explains how she not only read about, watched and studied sixteenth century Scottish life, but that she even tasted it, in the form of primroses, sweetened by the summer sun, and daisies, which remained bitter, regardless.

It’s no wonder, having delved so deeply into that time and those lives, that her book positively shines with realism and love.

To read Ailish’s full article click here.

An atmospheric political thriller

An Act of Vengeance 
by Karl Vanghen is a gripping novel, available as a paperback and e-book, set in the future, nearly one hundred years from now and centres around the President of the United States, Calvin Moore, and his attempts to redefine penal reform in America.

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