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Mark Weir


Mark’s parents were killed by a powerful wizard but, by a stroke of fate, he survived. He was taken to his cruel aunt’s house where he was forced to sleep in the cupboard under the stairs… Oh, wait, sorry, that’s not right. Let’s try that again… Mark was born in Portsmouth to perfectly ordinary parents and led a perfectly normal existence: eating, sleeping, going to school and growing. Eventually, he stopped growing, pursued a career as an estate agent, married an artist and had two children. He always harboured an ambition that one day he would get his revenge for the murder of his parents… Sorry, slipped up again. Mark did have an ambition, a really real ambition that one day he would be a published author; that one day someone could walk into a book shop and say, “Do you have anything by Mark Weir?” In the course of fulfilling that long-held ambition, Mark has fought vampires in the murky streets of London; he has climbed into the mind of a serial killer; plotted a bank heist with criminal grannies and sought to expose the sinister plans of an evil corporation, bent on turning the nation’s kids into digital zombies. Amazingly, he has survived all of this and now spends every spare moment tapping away at his computer keyboard, creating imaginary worlds to unleash on an unsuspecting public.