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Front cover image of Randall Crane and the Whitechapel Horror by Mark Weir.

An actioned-packed, mystery thriller you won’t be able to put down!

Today sees the official release of GWL Publishing’s latest publication, Randall Crane and the Whitechapel Horror by Mark Weir.

Available as a hardback and e-book, it is a thoroughly absorbing mystery thriller, centred around vampire Randall Crane, his association with Inspector Thomas Grantham of Scotland Yard and their hunt for Spring-heeled Jack through the dark, depraved streets of late Victorian London.

Spring-heeled Jack, a 2000 year-old vampire is terrorising the streets of Whitechapel in London’s East End. Claiming the lives of several ladies of the night, he wreaks havoc on the local populous, dividing them and overwhelming the trusted servants of Scotland Yard.

Randall Crane is a 153 year-old vampire, who refuses to take human lives, but lives instead on the blood of animals and watches over his mortal family, protecting them from harm. By chance during an attempted burglary at his family home, Randall meets Inspector Thomas Grantham of Scotland Yard, and the two form an unlikely friendship, matched in their determination to bring about the downfall of Spring-heeled Jack.

Meanwhile, the 1886 Club, headed up by Lord Cosmo Pelham de Villiers is plotting revolution. Lord Cosmo is in possession of a book which gives him power over Spring-heeled Jack and all other vampires. Together with his highly influential coconspirators, Lord Cosmo attempts to take power, leaving Randall and Thomas not only doing battle with ancient and deadly vampires, but also with the commanding force of the 1886 Club.

In his novel, Mark Weir has created an atmospheric mystery, not short on either thrills or humour. In Randall Crane, he has devised a strong, charming protagonist, whose friendship with Thomas Grantham demonstrates true loyalty. A fast-paced story full of exciting incident, Randall Crane and the Whitechapel Horror is the first in a series which will feature this duo.

“We are really honoured to represent Mark, he is an author of huge potential.” says Steve Lawrance, co-founder of GWL Publishing. “We are always looking to assist new writers in bringing their words and ideas to the market, as we’re very aware of how difficult it can be for those who have never been traditionally published, to launch their careers.”

“We are delighted to be able to publish Randall Crane and the Whitechapel Horror,” Steve continues. “It’s an action-packed mystery thriller, full of atmosphere and dark moments, highlighted by Mark’s unique humour.”

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