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An Act of Vengeance by Karl Vanghen front cover image.

Act of Vengeance released

GWL Publishing is pleased 
to announce the release of its latest 
publication, An Act of Vengeance 
by Karl Vanghen.

Made available as a paperback and e-book, the story is set in the future, nearly one hundred years from now and centres around the President of the United States, Calvin Moore, and his attempts to redefine penal reform in America.

In order to save money and reduce the national deficit, as well as clamp down on crime, Calvin Moore signs The Hunt Law, which enables members of the public to enter a lottery. The winner has the right to go to Santa Catalina Island, recently ruined by an enormous earthquake, where he or she will be permitted to legally hunt a convicted felon – to the death.

This new legislation makes Moore – a former US Marine – very unpopular, both personally and politically and, before long, a plot is afoot to bring his term of office to an abrupt end. With enemies all around him, Moore must decide who he can trust and who no longer has his best interests at heart. The answers to these questions shock him to the core.

In his novel, Karl Vanghen creates an atmospheric political thriller, full of twists and turns. In Calvin Moore, he has created a protagonist who is at once politically savvy, but also ruthlessly ambitious. Moore’s enemies play a game of cat and mouse with both him and themselves, in their attempt to be the one to bring the President to book.

An Act of Vengeance, is a great novel, full of intrigue and surprises.

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