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David Rodie


Born on a stormy Saturday, in Aldergrove Northern Ireland into a military family, David spent his early days abroad, before eventually returning and going to school in Wootton Bassett, in Wiltshire. Joining the Royal Navy after school, he soon found that being seasick didn’t mix with a life at sea, or even in dry dock so he left to enjoy other careers.

Marriage brought fun, and two loving sons. Divorce brought heartbreak, sadness and copious amounts of beer. He lived and worked in Germany for seven years, and Dubai for two years.

David has been writing for twenty years for his own enjoyment as well as that of his friends, but he has now been persuaded to get his work published to see what the rest of the world makes of his taste for the darker side of stories, which is reflected in his writing.

Currently living in Bristol with his eldest son, he can be seen on a Sunday in the city centre with a coffee, watching the world go by.

Fiction Titles