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Special Medicine, by Mark Weir, front cover image.

You’ll need a strong stomach for Special Medicine!

GWL Publishing has released its latest publication, Special Medicine by Mark Weir. Release date: 1st November 2014.

This novel tells the story of Phillip Drew, who on the surface seems to be a successful banker, living the high life. He meets his girlfriend, Trudy, and they settle down to domestic bliss. One night, however, after taking cocaine for the first time, Phillip’s mind starts to play tricks on him and, as time passes, his thoughts and dreams become more and more disturbing.

Within a short time, Phillip changes completely and a previously unknown violent side of his nature comes to the front. He takes his frustrations out on Trudy and, even when she leaves him and he loses his job, he continues to rely on drugs. In his dreams he sees people he doesn’t know, but who seem to be trying to communicate with him and, eventually, he works out that he isn’t Phillip Drew at all, but the victim of a medical experiment.

Set mainly in Boston, this second novel from Mark Weir shows a distinct departure from his first in Randall Crane and the Whitechapel Horror. Special Medicine is a hard-hitting psychological thriller, featuring graphic scenes and language.

“This is a very different book for Mark,” says Wendy Lawrance, co-founder of GWL Publishing. “The audience will experience the despair and confusion of a young man robbed of his life and memories by those willing to experiment for their own ends.”

978-0-9928836-3-8, B00P2JLM88, Mark Weir, Special Medicine