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Front cover image of The Kabal by David Rodie.

Exciting new vampire mystery thriller from David Rodie

GWL Publishing is pleased to announce the release of David Rodie‘s new novel, The Kabal. Available as a paperback and e-book, The Kabal is a mystery thriller, in which three forces battle each other to protect mankind from The Ginta.
On one side, are the vampires: a band of women who redeem the souls of people who are lost to humanity. These women are also charged with discovering the whereabouts of The Ginta (their Kabal), and destroying them – most especially, their Leader.

Mar Cala is the ancient vampire leader, but in human form, she is Detective Inspector Marilyn Callahan, who is initially unaware of her incredible powers and history. Once enlightened, she takes it upon herself – together with her trusted side-kick, Sergeant Thomas Hill – to help the vampires and rid London of the terrifying Ginta.

The Ginta, led by a red-robed master, consists of both living and dead. The dead feed off the living, who are sacrificed to further the cause of their group. If unchecked, the dead will soon outnumber the living and the Ginta will dominate.

In his novel, David Rodie has created an atmospheric mystery, full of thrills, surprises and humour. Marilyn Callahan is a strong female character, but is only too aware of her human weaknesses.

“It is absolutely fantastic to have my novel published by GWL; it really is a dream come true,” says David Rodie. “I have always had a soft spot for vampires and wondered what would it be like to turn the vampires on their heads and make them ‘the good guys’? So I set out to see if I could write that story.

The Kabal shows the vampires in a new light with different abilities. Maybe this time, it’s the end which is different.”

“We are really pleased to be representing David and his books,” says Steve Lawrance, co-founder of GWL Publishing. “It has been great fun working through the editing and publishing process with David.”

“We are delighted to be able to publish The Kabal,” Steve continues. “It’s an action-packed mystery thriller, featuring lots of humour, but also some very dark moments.”

Due to its content, it is recommended that The Kabal is only read by those over the age of eighteen, who also have a sense of humour and a strong stomach!

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