The Kabal


“A war between vampires and a blood loving cult”

Detective Inspector Marilyn Callahan is preparing for a long overdue holiday, when she’s ordered to cancel it and investigate the murder of a businessman in a London hotel. Her irritation soon turns to disbelief, when she discovers that the dead man has been drained of all his blood, mirroring the content of her most vivid nightmares. Paired with a new partner, Detective Sergeant Thomas Hill, Marilyn quickly becomes embroiled in a 2,000 year old war that has raged between vampires and a bloodthirsty cult, called “The Ginta”. Starting in Dacia, this group have now found a home in modern London, their numbers ever increasing as they seek to gain control over the living. Until now, the vampires have been the only ones to fight back, but as Marilyn strives to discover the truth through a web of lies and half-truths, she faces the ultimate test of her loyalties, a test which could cost her life.

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