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Outernet, by D P Nicholls, front cover image.

GWL Publishing launches Outernet by D. P. Nicholls

GWL Publishing, an imprint of Great War Literature Publishing, is pleased to announce its latest publication, Outernet by D. P. Nicholls.

This novel, currently available as a paperback and e-book, tells the story of one man’s desire to destroy what he believes to be a societal evil without an equal: the Internet. In doing so, he uses those around him to further his ambitions, leading to murder and worldwide disaster.

Explaining the reasons behind this story, Mr. Nicholls says: “A few years ago, I posed a question on the social networking site, LinkedIn, in which I asked people what their lives would be like if the Internet suddenly stopped working forever. The answers were varied and intriguing, but essentially fell into two categories: the younger generation felt that their lives would probably come to an end, while the older generation thought that, although it may be a hindrance, it might not be a bad thing. This response subsequently took me down a path of discovery, making me realise how dependent we, as a society, have become on this relatively new technology. In thinking through the implications of a life where the internet no longer existed, Outernet came to life.”

This is the first novel from D. P. Nicholls, a London based businessman and writer. “We are really pleased to have added Mr. Nicholls to our growing body of authors,” says Steve Lawrance, co-founder of GWL Publishing. “We are always looking to assist new writers in bringing their words and ideas to fruition, as we’re very aware of how difficult it can be for those who have never been published, to launch their careers.”

“We are delighted to be able to bring Outernet to the market,” Steve continues. “It’s a fast-paced story, highlighting the ways in which the internet has come to dominate our lives in both a personal and professional capacity.”

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