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Memento Mori, by Keith McCarthy, front cover image.

Memento Mori by Keith McCarthy now available

Memento Mori, a new psychological thriller by Keith McCarthy is available for sale from today, 1st October 2014.

This novel, available as a paperback and e-book, is a gripping psychological thriller, following the story of Leo Banneker, who has made a pact with himself to commemorate his dead wife by creating musical instruments from her body parts.

Set in modern-day Herefordshire, Memento Mori takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride, as Leo struggles with his task and the muses in his head, who mock him at every turn. Realising that he has insufficient materials to complete his task, Leo begins to look elsewhere for supplies: his muses suggest his daughter, Simone, and his desire to protect her from himself wears thin as the story progresses.

Unbeknownst to Simone, her father has sent one of his instruments to his father-in-law, Martin Waldeyer, a monstrous man from whom the Bannekers were forced to flee two years earlier. The receipt of this instrument pushes Waldeyer to suicide, thus involving not only the police but his great-niece Natasha Vogt and her boyfriend, pathologist, Tom Newman, who discover the body.

As Leo struggles, Natasha, Tom and the police race against time to find Simone before she too becomes victim of her father’s madness.

“We are delighted to be representing Keith,” says Wendy Lawrance, co-founder of GWL Publishing. “He has written a consuming thriller, which not only excites throughout, but has a twist in the tale that few will see coming. We really can’t recommend this book strongly enough and have high hopes for it.”

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