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Never Too Late (Standalone Cornish Romances)

Cover image of the romantic novel 'Never Too Late' by Suzie Peters

Contemporary Romance

Never Too Late (Standalone Cornish Romances)

On Sale 26th July, 2020
Format(s): Kindle and Paperback
Categories: Contemporary Romance, Adult, Suzie Peters

  • About

    Never Too Late – a deeply moving story of love, loyalty and second chances.

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    It was a meeting that only lasted an hour, but it was a meeting that would change their lives. Forever.

    To Adam, Jenna was young, beautiful, and shy, and he fell for her so hard and so fast that to him, she would always be ‘the girl’. To Jenna, Adam was perfect… the most handsome man she’d ever seen, especially the striking tattoo that adorned his back, earning him the nickname ‘the wolf man’; at least in her mind. But a series of misunderstandings meant their plans for the following day never happened, forcing them to go their separate ways, to very different lives.

    Fifteen years later, Adam has been through a series of relationships, always looking for something ‘more’ and losing a lot along the way. Jenna has come away from her ruined marriage a broken woman, choosing to protect herself behind a wall, burying herself away from life… and men.

    What happens when fate reunites them, and they find out who they truly are? Will Adam be able to break through Jenna’s defences and help her see that, even after all these years, after so much heartbreak, it’s never too late to fall in love… again?


  • Product Details

    Format(s): Paperback and Kindle
    ISBN: 978-1-910603-77-2 (Paperback)
    ASIN: B08C5HCMKQ (Kindle)
    Edition: 1st Edition
    Imprint: GWL Publishing
    Classification: Fiction, Contemporary Romance
    Paperback Published: 26th July, 2020
    Kindle Published: 26th July, 2020
    No. of pages: 430pp
    List Price – Kindle: £2.99
    List Price – Paperback: £10.99

  • Reviews

    “A misunderstanding between soul mates changes the course of their lives”

    Amazon Reader Review, August, 2020.

    “Lovely Story”

    Amazon Reader Review, June, 2021.

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