Keith McCarthy, Author

Keith McCarthy

Keith McCarthy was born in South London, attended Dulwich College and then obtained a medical degree at St George’s Hospital Medical School. He then obtained a research doctorate in molecular biology at the Institute of Cancer Research before becoming a consultant histopathologist as the Royal Marsden Hospital. He has now lived on the Gloucestershire-Herefordshire border with his wife for nearly twenty years in which time he has worked as a consultant pathologist at local hospitals, raised three wonderful daughters and watched the NHS change from a service to a machine. In that time he has helped in the treatment of tens of thousands of patients by providing essential diagnostic information to treating clinicians on biopsies and resections. He has also done over five thousand autopsies, which most people find far more interesting. In his small amount of spare time, he has published over a dozen novels and ten short stories, largely in the mystery, crime and thriller genre.

Fiction Titles by Keith McCarthy

  • Memento Mori by Keith McCarthy
    Memento Mori

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