Light and Darkness


For years, Harry had dreamt of settling down and becoming an artist and, following his marriage to Bella and the birth of their child, his dreams begin to take shape. However, when tragedy strikes, Harry’s world and dreams are soon shattered. With the outbreak of the First World War, Harry tries to forget his personal despair, puts duty first and goes to fight for his country, finding his life altered beyond his wildest imaginings. Harry’s life takes a different direction with new beginnings and great friendships formed in the mud of Northern France, but misery is never far away and a traumatic future awaits, bringing Harry even greater heartache than even he had thought possible.

Light and Darkness is a story of love, death, fear and sacrifice told before, during and after the First World War, featuring the haunting journey of Harry Belmont from the light of trust and happiness to the darkness of his worst nightmares.

Praise for Light and Darkness

This is a wonderful book. It is thoroughly researched and well written – which makes it a joy to read. Following the story of Harry Belmont as he struggles to come to terms with firstly a personal tragedy and then the public tragedy of the first world war, this is a particularly moving novel. (I don’t want to include any spoilers) A lot happens in this book, and there are twists and turns throughout – however at no point does the feel contrived or unrealistic. It deals with complex issues of grief and recovery in a sensitive and considered way. Wendy Lawrance’s detailed understanding of the historical context shines through, adding a depth to the writing that is often lacking in books set in this period. Thoroughly recommended – I hope there’s a sequel!
Amazon Customer Review – 5 stars
This book is truly a wonderful read. There is the harsh reality and awful agony of trench warfare, with the backdrop of a beautiful and endearing love story. This is a story that would captivate every reader of whatever age or gender. From the homely scenes in an England protected from the truth of the war being washed across a narrow stretch of water to the blood and Gore being played out in the filth and mud of the trenches, all life at that time is reflected. The historic content is a revelation to the generations that have come along since as it refers to a type of war the like of which we ought never see again. I now long to see how Rose, Edward Junior and the other children move forward through the post WW1 depression and on towards Hitler’s Europe. Also I reckon that Harry and Elise have a loving relationship which so many would envy. A really beautiful book.
Amazon Customer Review – 5 stars
I really enjoyed reading this novel. Characters were well written and I genuinely cared what happened to Harry. The story was exciting and there was never a dull moment – I certainly didn’t expect the twist that came towards the end! It’s not the sort of genre I would normally go for but it was recommended on my kindle and I found that it was a real page-turner. Real rollercoaster of emotions too – I laughed and I cried. Overall, a brilliant novel that I would happily read again… I just hope there’s a second one!
Amazon Customer Review – 5 stars

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