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Tag: The Pavements We Walk On

The Pavements We Walk On

The Pavements We Walk On by Carolyn Belcher front cover image

Women’s Contemporary

The Pavements We Walk On

On Sale 26th July, 2016
Format(s): Kindle and Paperback
Categories: Fiction, Women’s Contemporary

  • About

    The Pavements We Walk On – Maggie enjoys a mixed childhood of escapism with her friends, and the love of her father, coupled with her mother, Edith’s, obvious favouritism towards her younger brother, and the natural jealousy which arises from that.

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    As she grows up, she discovers a world of freedom from Edith’s rules and marries Trevor, who she believes shares her ideals and values. However, the birth of their son brings unexpected and unwelcome changes to their relationship, which leave Maggie re-evaluating her life.

    This is a stand-alone novel, although it features the same characters as those within Carolyn Belcher’s debut novel, Crocodiles and Angels. Here, she shows how we all tread similar paths, but with differing experiences, and how love and life affect our decisions.


  • Product Details

    Format(s): Paperback and Kindle
    ISBN: 978-1-910603-31-4 (Paperback)
    ASIN: B01HDRDQU8 (Kindle)
    Edition: 1st Edition
    Imprint: GWL Publishing
    Classification: Fiction, Women’s Contemporary
    Paperback Published: 26th July, 2016
    Kindle Published: 29th July, 2016
    No. of pages: 330pp
    List Price – Kindle: £1.99
    List Price – Paperback: £10.99

  • Reviews

    “Tender and wise, honest and true.”

    UK Amazon Customer Review, August, 2016.

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