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Randall Crane and the Whitechapel Horror

Randall Crane and the Whitechapel Horror, by Mark Weir, front cover image.


Randall Crane and the Whitechapel Horror

On Sale 31st July, 2014
Format(s): Kindle and Paperback
Categories: Fiction, Horror, Historical, Mystery, Thriller

  • About

    Spring-heeled Jack – he be bad and he be back…

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    It is the winter of 1886 and in the slums of Whitechapel, prostitutes are being murdered. Two thousand year-old vampire, Spring-heeled Jack has arrived in London and is bent on seizing power over the supernatural world. Standing in his way is the unlikely duo of Inspector Thomas Grantham of The Yard and Randall Crane, a one hundred and fifty-three year old vampire. No one is safe from the clutches of Jack, not even those who hold the highest ranks in the country and, with more of Jack’s loyal followers due to arrive soon, Thomas and Randall face a race against time to find his lair before he strikes again. Can Thomas and Randall stop Jack before all is lost? Will they be able to discover Jack’s darkest secrets and prevent a catastrophe? Who is behind the clandestine 1886 club and just how far does its influence stretch? This is a tale of murder, explosions, plotting and revolution set against the dark Victorian backdrop of Whitechapel and its haunted, filthy alleyways.


  • Product Details

    Format(s): Paperback and Kindle
    ISBN: 978-0-9928836-7-6 (Paperback)
    ASIN: B00KQOERUY (Kindle)
    Edition: 1st Edition
    Imprint: GWL Publishing
    Classification: Fiction, Horror, Historical, Mystery, Thriller, British Detective Stories
    Paperback Published: 31st July, 2014
    Kindle Published: 2nd June, 2014
    No. of pages: 340pp
    List Price – Kindle: £1.99
    List Price – Paperback: £12.99

  • Reviews


    UK Amazon Customer Review, June, 2014.

    “Best author since Dan Brown”

    UK Amazon Customer Review, January, 2015.

    “brilliant, deftly-written prose”

    Kitty Muse Book Reviews, USA Amazon Customer Review, February, 2015.

    “Good story!”

    USA Amazon Customer Review, June, 2021.

  • Audio

    Randall Crane and the Whitechapel Horror

    – Sample read by Cameron Lawrance.

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