Stay Here With Me


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    “Are you a Dominant?” she asks, looking slightly scared.
    “No.” I shake my head, even though I’m not being entirely truthful. “I’m not a Dominant.” Well not anymore, anyway. “I’m dominant. There’s a difference.”
    “Yes,” she replies. “One’s a noun and the other’s an adjective.”
    I smile at her. “Yes, and one’s a way of life, and the other’s a sexual preference.”
    “So which is it for you?”


    Everyone who knows me will tell you I like to be in control. I’m domineering, stubborn and a little bit arrogant. It’s who I am. It’s what I do. I’m the head-chef at our family’s restaurant and I have high standards – which I expect everyone to meet.

    But my brother’s invited this woman to come over from England to re-model our restaurant and since meeting her, I’m a mess. She’s got me questioning everything about my life, and I don’t like it. The problem is, I like her. A lot.


    Getting commissioned to update a restaurant in Hartford, Connecticut was a surprise, and it was a tough decision to come here. I’ve had to put my life on hold and leave my little sister behind, but hopefully it’ll be worth it.

    The problem is Sam. On the one hand, he’s the rudest, most obnoxious, arrogant man I’ve ever met. But he’s also the most attractive, and whenever he looks at me his eyes hold the promise of something forbidden, something darkly sensual and exciting, something I absolutely want to find out more about. If only he’ll let me…

    This is a dual POV story with graphic sex scenes, adult language, a smoking hot hero and more steam than any kitchen can handle.

    Stay Here With Me is book one in the Recipes for Romance series, but can be read as a stand-alone story with no cliff-hanger, and a guaranteed HEA.

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    Format(s): Paperback and Kindle
    ISBN: 978-1-910603-51-2 (Paperback)
    ASIN: B07FRRJF6D (Kindle)
    Edition: 1st Edition
    Imprint: GWL Publishing
    Classification: Fiction, Adult, Romance, Contemporary
    Paperback Published: 18 July, 2018
    Kindle Published: 18 July, 2018
    No. of pages: 340pp