Author: D. P. NICHOLLS

Amazon Customer Rating: [usr 4.7]
Goodreads Rating:  [usr 3.69]

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Paperback: £8.99

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    Roland Bouverie is a media mogul whose tentacles spread worldwide.

    Long ago he avoided the temptation to join the Internet generation and now, realising that his business empire is in serious decline, decides that he has to take down this technology. He has the money and the determination to do so, irrespective of the outcome. This, he feels, is personal. The global ramifications for this relatively new innovation are immense, with very few avenues of civilisation not affected.

    Does Society really know how to cope without the Internet?

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    Format(s): Paperback and Kindle
    ISBN: 978-1-905378-33-3 (Paperback)
    ASIN: 1905378335 (Kindle)
    Edition: 1st Edition
    Imprint: GWL Publishing
    Classification: Fiction, Crime, Technothriller, Mystery
    Paperback Published: 13 December, 2013
    Kindle Published: 13 December, 2013
    No. of pages: 184pp

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    • Brilliant!


      …this one is FANTASTIC!
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      Fantastic read

      Absolutely fantastic book.
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