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Play Games With Me by Suzie Peters cover image.

Play Games With Me (Recipes for Romance Book 2)

On Sale 3rd September, 2018
Format(s): Kindle and Paperback
Categories: Contemporary Romance, Adult, Suzie Peters

Kindle: £2.99

Paperback: £10.00


“Making you happy means everything to me. There are plenty of toys out there and I’m sure we can find lots of other ways to enjoy them – and each other.” I kiss her gently. “I love exploring your boundaries… pushing your limits.”

She squirms in my arms, like she finds that idea exciting. “You do?” she breathes.

“Oh yeah, baby. And we’re gonna have so much fun doing it… because I’m never gonna stop playing with you.”

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Here’s the thing – I’m a nice guy, but I’m a player. I’m not gonna deny it. I pick up women in the restaurant I own with my brothers, I take them home and I spend one night with them. Just one night. It’s what they want and it’s what I do. That is, until Petra walks into the place, her camera in one hand and my balls in the other. She’s exactly what I like in a woman… and more. And the moment I touch her, I know she’s the one. I know I’ll put my past behind me and give up everything for her. The only problem is, she keeps running out on me. I’ve just gotta figure out why…


Rob is like the most delicious, dark, intense ice cream that you just wanna lick – all over – and I can’t think of anything I want more than to let him into my bed… and my life.

But I’ve been let down before. Badly. And as much as I want to be with Rob, I know he’s not the man for me. As well as being utterly gorgeous, he’s also the biggest flirt I’ve ever met, which means I can’t be with him. It’s just too much of a risk for me… I’ve got too many secrets to keep.


Play Games With Me is book two in the Recipes for Romance series, but can be read as a stand-alone story with no cliff-hanger, and a guaranteed HEA.

This is a dual POV story with graphic sex scenes and adult language.

Product Details

Format(s): Paperback and Kindle
ISBN: 978-1-910603-62-8 (Paperback)
ASIN: B07H3DNM6K (Kindle)
Edition: 1st Edition
Imprint: GWL Publishing
Classification: Fiction, Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Paperback Published: 4th September, 2018
Kindle Published: 3rd September, 2018
No. of pages: 366pp
List Price – Kindle: £2.99
List Price – Paperback: £10.00


“Great book”

UK Amazon Customer Review, October, 2020.

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