Roland Bouverie is a media mogul whose tentacles spread worldwide. Long ago he avoided the temptation to join the Internet generation and now, realising that his business empire is in serious decline, decides that he has to take down this technology. He has the money and the determination to do so, irrespective of the outcome. This, he feels, is personal. The global ramifications for this relatively new innovation are immense, with very few avenues of civilisation not affected. Does Society really know how to cope without the Internet?

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Could this really happen??? Scary stuff!

A great book to read on a flight, by a beach or in the garden. Kept me glued all the way through. Made me realise, my laptop is dispensable.
Amazon Customer Review – 5 stars

Just imagine if we really did lose the Internet…

Really makes you think… a world without the Internet!?! It’s not been around that long but we depend on it so much and this book really opens your eyes to that. Great book, tell all your friends…
Amazon Customer Review – 5 stars

What the mind of man can conceive, he can achieve.

Somebody had to write it. The possibility that the internet could be compromised to the extent that it no longer exists was a story waiting to be written. D.P. Nicholls has done this so successfully without taking the reader into a massively complicated story line involving technical explanations of how it could be achieved. The way in which he combines the intrigues of commerce with the incredible ability of the back bedroom hacker and what can happen when they have a common aim reveals an absolute mastery of the written word. Be not afraid dear reader, all is well in the end, as it should be, but it’s how he takes you there and although some may see the end coming, it still takes you by surprise. A little masterpiece which would make a great movie. The rather juicy romantic inclusion was also quite delightful. A little bit of life in the raw is never amiss, anywhere.
Amazon Customer Review – 5 stars


Had me hooked from page one! We need more good reads like this, D.P. Nicholls! Look forward to your next book, this one is FANTASTIC! An absolute must read!
Amazon Customer Review – 5 stars

Fantastic read.

Absolutely fantastic book. The scary thing is that it could actually happen. Makes you wonder what would happen. I will definitely be recommending this book. Hope the author writes a sequel.
Amazon Customer Review – 5 stars

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