Obsession: The Deepening


Amazon Customer Rating: [usr 4.3]
Goodreads Rating:  [usr 4.61]

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    This is the third of a five part chronicle, telling several inter-woven stories through the Spanish Civil War, World War Two, and beyond.

    As the war progresses into its third year, the actions of each character become more intertwined; paths cross and stories unfold, each leaving a trail of heartache, loss, bitterness… and love.


    Having faced the anguish of losing Rob, Annie finds new hope in Sam, but is he all he seems to be, or is Annie set to lose everything all over again? Daisy’s dependence on Alan has cost her dearly, but with no-one left to turn to, she has no choice but to return to him, where her hopes for a better future are soon dashed, in a way she couldn’t even have imagined.


    Hans’ power and influence increase, as does his hatred for the Jews, and he relishes his role in The Final Solution. Karin’s love for detective Luther Tibalt grows, but soon she starts to question his loyalties. Franz and Hannah face an uncertain future when their son Gerhard asks them to protect the woman he loves. How can they hope to hide a Jew in Nazi Berlin?


    Having forgotten everything about his former life, Rob is hopelessly in love with Felcia, and she with him. Providing they can keep their feelings a secret from those around them, nothing can prevent their happiness, can it? Raisa’s life takes a more dangerous turn, and she finds herself ignored by the man she loves, and hated by her fellow countrymen. Her only hope is an old friend, but does he care enough to help her

    *** This book has some adult content. ***

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    Format(s): Paperback and Kindle
    ISBN: 978-1-910603-58-1 (Paperback)
    ASIN: B071JRT57Z (Kindle)
    Edition: 1st Edition
    Imprint: GWL Publishing
    Classification: Fiction, Historical Romance, Family Sagas, War
    Paperback Published: 07, June, 2017
    Kindle Published: 06, June, 2017
    No of pages: 436pp

  • Review(s)

    Praise for Obsession: The Deepening:

    • These stories are a great page turner

      These stories are a great page turner

      3rd in the series and I must say in WW11 the books gripped me from the minute I read them. Lots of drama and in places harrowing sex. Theses stories are a great page turner.
      Mrs. Mary Mcginlay – Amazon Paperback Review, 18 July, 2018.

    • The Deepening

      The Deepening

      Ms Taylor is a very good story teller. She seems to have a very vivid imagination. Bit too much graphic sex for my liking but I do like her stories.
      Cilla – Amazon Paperback Review, 22 August, 2017.

    • Obsessed with Obsession.

      Obsessed with Obsession.

      This series of 5 books is gripping. I couldn’t wait to see how it was all going to pan out for all the families involved. It was interesting to read about the way that different cultures, Germans, Poles, English, Kazakhstani and Russians were all affected in various ways by the war. A really great series of stories.
      S. Webber – Amazon Paperback Review, 12 January, 2018.

    • Brilliant story.

      Brilliant story.

      Another brilliant story in this series! Looking forward to the next one.
      Mrs. L. Ives – Amazon Paperback Review, 19 July, 2017.

    • Five Stars

      Five Stars

      Excellent can’t wait for next in series.
      john strange – Amazon Paperback Review, 03 August, 2017.