Dee H Gordon, author.

Dee H. Gordon

Born and brought up in the East End of London, Dee wrote teenage picture scripts during boring spells in secretarial jobs after leaving school, her stories published widely in Romeo, Mirabelle, Marilyn, etc. However, writing went on the back burner after a visit to an employment agency, where she was offered a job and she ended up in recruitment for thirty years, including seventeen years with her own agency in London. She sold her business in 2000 to concentrate on finishing her Open University Literature degree and start writing again, which also meant she could spend more time with her handicapped son, whose care needs have increased as he’s grown older. She has focused primarily on local history books about Southend (where she lives with her husband and son), Essex and the East End, but has a list of unwritten novels in her head.

Fiction Titles by Dee H. Gordon

  • My Little Brother, My Little Life by Dee H. Gordon cover image

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