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David Beckler

Born in Addis Ababa in 1960, I spent my first eight years living on an agricultural college in rural Ethiopia with my parents and three sisters. My love of reading developed early and the arrival of parcels of books from London provided memorable highlights. In 1968 I moved to Addis with my mother and sisters and attended school for the first time.

Two years later we arrived in Norwich before moving to Birmingham where I went to a technical school. Despite concentrating on mathematics and sciences, my love of reading fiction stayed with me.

After a short stint at Bristol University I spent two years working on various building sites. In 1981 I joined Wiltshire Fire Brigade and after three years I transferred to Manchester where I served for another sixteen years.

Although I enjoyed most aspects of being a firefighter, I became disillusioned with the internal politics and left in 2000 to start a business.

I began writing in 2010, and spent nearly two years producing my first novel. I wrote two more manuscripts before finding a publisher for my third, a novel called Brotherhood.

My protagonists have a strong moral code and although not obvious outsiders, don’t fit in with conventional society. They get involved in difficult situations because of their unwillingness to take the easy path or ignore injustice. I also enjoy writing about the baddies and try to show the forces that created them.

Stints working as a ‘door supervisor’ in Manchester, my time as a firefighter and my varied business life, brought me into contact with many interesting people who have inspired some of the characters.

In my spare time, when not working or writing, I try to keep fit, socialise and feed my voracious book habit.

I am working on more novels, some of which feature the same protagonists as Brotherhood, and trying my hand at short story writing.

Fiction Titles by David Beckler

  • Brotherhood by David Beckler

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