The Truth and nothing but Lies

He pulled alongside an Astoria PD prowler and stared at the devastated site. The building of the former Women’s Clinic was scattered everywhere across the parking lot and into the street. He carefully stepped through the obliteration, assessing the damage and the proficiency of the bomber…

Special Agent in Charge, Grantham “Grant” Greene has become disillusioned with his job and his role within the FBI, despite being promoted due to his intuitive investigative skills. Working out of the Portland office, he’s charged with leading the hunt for a bomber who seems to be targeting Women’s clinics in Oregon and Washington. With pressures from his boss and his ambitious father, Grant becomes even more discouraged as he works his way through the mire of evidence. His discovery of the actions of a beautiful woman, who has supposedly committed suicide, leads him to believe that, alongside the bombings, he may also be investigating a murder.

With the media second-guessing the case and the potential for a nationwide political scandal, Grant has just one weekend to uncover the identity of the bomber and find out the truth about the missing beauty and her connection with the crime. As he delves deeper, and tragedy strikes, Grant starts to question his views and wonder if it’s possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never even met.

Praise for The Night Shadow

More than Botched Treatment!

FBI Agent Grant Greene is a disillusioned detective who is on the verge of quitting when he’s assigned, after his father pull strings to get him leverage on a case that could catapult his career beyond its present inertia, to a case involving the bombing of an abortion clinic in Astoria, Oregon. A reporter, Hector Rodriguez, is hot on this case as it might bring him the kind of public recognition to advance his journalistic position as well.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar is supposedly the object of pro-life activists, yet something doesn’t seem quite right about the predictability of such a profile even beyond the fact that he botches more abortions than the ones he performs successfully. Ruined lives are more the norm of what he leaves behind him, physically, mentally and emotionally. Then the bombing of other clinics and the mysterious disappearance of one of the doctor’s clients, Lara, brings the plaintiff deeper with involvement of the CIA and other nefarious characters into the mix.

Add to that some attempted shootings and the fact that no one seems to be able to provide actual evidence makes Greene realize that something larger than anti-abortion supporters is running these events, as well as the fact that the bombings occur when no one is present in the clinics to be hurt.

No spoilers here! But be assured, not a page turns but something new and intensely dangerous is occurring in this mystery/thriller novel based on actual events. Abortion is a highly charged issue and those who take one side or the other feel very strongly about the strength of position which translates to some deep pockets involved here that have political as well as moral motivations.

Cheri Vause has written a riveting novel about the violence and terror behind an issue that has divided and still divides Americans to this day. Nicely constructed, Ms. Vause!
Amazon Customer Review – 4 stars

Could not put it down!

What a ride this was!

I haven’t been a faithful reader in years, probably because I find it very hard to be captivated in the first few pages. If I have to sludge through the first chapter, you lost me. I hated it when people would tell me, “oh just get through the first chapter or so, it gets good.” If an author can’t grab you into a story up front, I’m not putting my faith into the rest of it. That first taste of a book is what draws you in, what makes you keep coming back for more. A good book is like a gourmet meal…good from the first bite till the last.

This book, this fantastic book, was exactly what I was looking for! I was drawn in by the first page, and I wanted more. It’s an incredibly fast read, and a book you frequently have a hard time putting down. I know I was guilty of sneaking peaks of it while at work. I jokingly called this book my time suck. You sit down at 6pm thinking you will read for an hour, and before you know it, it’s 1am and you still want more.

This author has a way of writing characters you want to know in person. They are so real on the page you can almost reach out and touch them. The dialogue is fun and snappy, and the lead character is one you actually like and can root for. A lot of books these days have leads with highly questionable character values, like if you met them in person you’d probably hate them, and yet they are the ones you are supposed to be rooting for? But not Grant! This is a lead character you love to love. If you can fall in love with a fictional character, I fell in love with Grant.

The authors side characters are anything but throw away, and actually helped move the story along. And I must mention that I felt like the biggest character in this book was the Pacific Northwest. Having grown up in that area, the attention to details, roads, towns, weather, was impeccable. I felt like I was back there, and made me miss it all the more.

I am incredibly excited for upcoming books from this author. If they are anywhere near as good as this story was, this author has a reader for life.
Amazon Customer Review – 5 stars

Secrets of the Star Chamber?

The Truth and Nothing but Lies by Cheri Vause is a well-crafted suspense/thriller following the exploits of FBI agent Grant Greene. A bombing of a women’s clinic in the sleepy town of Astoria, Oregon results in his father, Governor Porter Greene, pulling strings to get Grant assigned to the high-profile case. CBN reporter Hector Rodriguez is also drawn into the case as famed abortion Dr. Sanji Kumar is suspected of being the target of pro-life activists. Grant’s interview of Miriam Elliot provides him an angle in investigating Kumar, who has had connections with the CIA in his previous life as a double agent. What appeared to be a career-enhancing case for Grant becomes a perilous voyage into a storm of conspiracy and murder in Vause’s fast-paced tale.

The discussion of pro-choice alternatives provides the moral essence of the plot. Kumar’s moral values appear to depreciate as both the direction of his life and his personal choices create greater dissonance in remaining true to his Hippocratic oath. We see how his decision to defect to the CIA has already compromised his sense of loyalty. Committing himself to perform abortions places him on yet another cutting edge as he is faced with the monumental debate between pro and anti-abortion activists. Though far from a tragic figure, we can see how medical professionals can be impacted by life choices in straying from a path that we as a society see as both righteous and unimpeachable.

For suspense/thriller fans and all readers that enjoy a cerebral mystery (with no sexploitation or foul language), The Truth and Nothing but Lies by Cheri Vause is a worthy addition to your collection.
Amazon Customer Review – 5 stars

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