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My Little Brother, My Little Life

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GWL Publishing’s latest novel release, My Little Brother, My Little Life by Dee H. Gordon, tells the story of Linda, 
from the harsh abandonment of her mother, at the age of ten, through 
adolescence, marriage and children of her own. The one constant in Linda’s
 life is her little brother, Douggie, whose autism sets him apart, but at the 
same time, forces him to be included.

As middle-age, divorce and a new love approach, Linda is faced with a 
series of difficult decisions, all of which revolve around her constant
 feelings of guilt. She wonders whether it was her fault that her mother left;
 whether she did enough to help her father; whether Douggie is really happy 
and if there’s anything she can do about it.

“This is a fascinating novel of complex relationships, love, guilt and 

“We’re delighted to be representing Dee’s book, which we feel offers
 a valuable insight into living with disability, without being mawkish or
overly sentimental.”

Wendy Lawrance, co-founder of GWL Publishing

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